Why Purely Splendid

There are a lot of skin and body care companies selling you ‘organic ‘and ‘all natural’ products that contain ingredients which are linked to causing cancer!

With my discovery of shady ingredients in a large portion of ‘natural products’ I felt like the only way I could be sure that what I was using is safe is to make it myself. At that point, I decided to get trained and certified in formulation so I could learn the proper process. There began my quest for natural skincare products which turned out to be my passion. I am fascinated with learning and knowing about all of the amazing natural ingredients and essential oils that contain a plethora of antioxidants, nutrients and compounds to heal and rejuvenate the skin.

Every product on my website I use myself and every product is handmade to include all the ingredients on the label. Many Cosmetic companies that make large batches of serum cannot be sure that each bottle contains the same amount of each ingredient…..Each Purely Splendid serum is done by hand so we can be sure you receive the benefits of ALL the ingredients! I do not use any preservative in my products that contain water. Whenever necessary, I do use a “real’ preservative because of bacteria and fungus (although quite organic), are not something you want to rub into your skin. The natural preservatives and emulsifiers that I use are all ECO-certified – which is a European rating. The US, unfortunately, is very lenient with few regulations on skincare products.

A lot of my products have high-performance ingredients such as Vitamin C, B3, Coenzyme Q10, and Hyaluronic Acid in them, along with organic oils and kinds of butter because I know that they work. After all, I originally started creating products for my aging skin and wanted results!

So…. why Purely Splendid? The answer is simple….because I care… I care deeply and passionately about the ingredients that go into Purely Splendid products. Your skin is a natural sponge and my products are designed to transfer beneficial ingredients to your body. I want to build a long-term relationship with you through my products based on trust and results. Our products are Purely Splendid because there are no harmful toxins, chemicals, or carcinogens in them.

Your Natural Skin and Body Care Advocate,